Which Companies are Used in Email Phishing Campaigns?

Phishing is still extremely popular - simply because it's quick, cheap and successful. Why? They create a sense of urgency and masquerade as well-known, trusted companies - especially Microsoft, PayPal and Facebook. Using these brands gives criminals an insight into massive amounts of corporate, financial and personal data. Other companies used as bait are Netflix, Apple and Amazon. Phishing emails usually claim that there's a problem with your account or that a false purchase has been made. That's why instead of clicking on links from such emails, it's better to access your account through website and make sure there that everything is in order.

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Hacker to Compensate for Damages

Grant West, a 27-year-old from Kent, UK, operating under name 'Courvoisier', targeted well-known companies (such as Uber, Sainsbury's, Groupon, T Mobile) since 2015 to obtain and sell the financial data of tens of thousands of customers.