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WeWork Saves on Cybersecurity

Co-working giant, WeWork, which has around 527,000 members renting out 833 spaces in 125 cities worldwide has been severely criticised for lacking cybersecurity. It's been revealed that the same WiFi password has been used for years across multiple shared spaces and all this time it was available in plaintext on WeWork's application. The weakly "protected" WiFi network has left sensitive user and company data exposed, including bank account credentials, email addresses, ID scans, and client databases.

According to WeWork's spokesperson additional security features, such as a private VLAN, a private SSID, or a dedicated end-to-end physical network stack are available at an additional cost. For all companies based in WeWork, it's highly recommended to either order the paid security offer from WeWork or invest in other solutions - for example, VPN or full cybersecurity service.

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