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Hospitals Pay the Attackers

At the beginning of this month three hospitals in Alabama have been paralysed by a ransomware attack and were turning away all but the most critical patients. After a week they have decided to pay ransom. The DCH hospitals have been hit by the Ryuk ransomware and consequently had to shut down their entire computer systems. According to their statement, the hospitals started restoring some of them from backups but in the end decided to pay for the decryption keys to restore full access. There is no information about the ransom amount and when the systems will be full up and running.

Hopefully the decryption keys will enable the hospitals full restoration. However organisations can't be sure that the keys they pay for will always help them or if they even receive them. Therefore, it is advisable not to pay ransom, cooperate with authorities and look for decryption tools. And most importantly - have a reliable and tested backup system.

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