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Hackers-Extortionists Plead Guilty

On October 30 two hackers pleaded guilty to blackmailing Uber, LinkedIn and other US corporations. They demanded money for the promise to delete data belonging to millions of customers, which they had stolen in 2016. They have accessed and downloaded the data using stolen credentials, then contacted the companies to inform them of security vulnerabilities and demand money.

Uber has reportedly paid $100,000 in bitcoin for data about 57 million riders and drivers. After a year, Uber has disclosed the breach, for which it was fined by US and European authorities. LinkedIn was blackmailed in December 2016, when hackers informed the company that they stole over 90,000 user records (including credit card data) from its subsidiary

The hackers will be sentenced in March 2020 to five years of prison and a fine of $250,000.

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