Emotet Feels the Xmas Spirit

The operators of the notorious Trojan - Emotet strike with a new malicious campaign. The attackers' usually use specially crafted emails with documents such as payment invoices, payment receipts, shipping details and voicemails. However, for Christmas, they send out spam emails inviting to a Christmas party - and ask to wear your ugliest sweater.

The newest emails use subjects such as "Christmas Party next week" or "Christmas party" and asks to view an attached menu - to do so, the recipient has to click 'Enable Editing' or 'Enable Content'. Doing this will enable macros, which then install the Emotet Trojan. Once Emotet is launched, the infected computer will be used to send further spam, download TrickBot to steal data, and possibly become encrypted by ransomware.

As always, we advise caution when dealing with email attachments - even when it's a Christmas party invitation.

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