Cybersecurity - the Greatest Business Challenge

More than half of SMB sector experienced cyber threats last year. On average, discovering malicious activity in their systems took companies 101 days! The consequence was always losses: of trust, of clients, of business opportunities and of revenue. Only 35% of companies from Konica Minolta's survey claim that they would survive more than three months if they lost access to their vital data. More than half would not survive even a month. SMB sector has been a low-hanging fruit for attackers for a few years already and this trend is continuing. Thankfully, the awareness among the targeted companies is steadily growing as well.

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Shamoon wiper malware on the rise again

Saipem revealed they had been a victim of cyber attack. This Italian subsea engineering and construction firm operating in more than 60 countries, revealed this information during their Monday (10th December) press release.