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Breach Disclosed by Domain Registrar

Network Solutions, world's first web domain registrar, has now discovered and disclosed a security breach dating back to August 2019. A third-party has infiltrated their systems and potentially accessed personally identifiable information of current and former customers. The information included contact details such as name, address, phone numbers, email address and information about the services used. No credit card data seems to have been compromised. Thankfully, passwords and logins remained uncompromised as well - otherwise, attackers would have been able to hijack the affected domain names.

The breach affected also and - Network Solutions is a subsidiary of the former. All three offer web services such as web hosting, website design, and online marketing. Customers of any of these companies should change their passwords, be suspicious of phishing emails and, even though the financial information has not been exposed, keep a close eye on their bank statements.

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