Texas Held to Ransom

A coordinated ransomware attack hit 23 Texas local government agencies on August 16, crippling their vital operations (e.g. payments, police and other services). Only one of the targeted counties was able to stop the attack. The attacker demanded $2.5 million for decryption and most likely compromised a managed service provider to launch the attack. The investigation is still ongoing, led by local and federal authorities. Local municipalities are increasingly in danger from ransomware attacks and this trend may spread from the USA to the rest of the world very soon.

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Hacker to Compensate for Damages

Grant West, a 27-year-old from Kent, UK, operating under name 'Courvoisier', targeted well-known companies (such as Uber, Sainsbury's, Groupon, T Mobile) since 2015 to obtain and sell the financial data of tens of thousands of customers.